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TrueStory 1

Young People's Music Project - 'I moved into a small village in Buckinghamshire, in 2006. The village has, like many other villages around the country, it’s fair share of young people that face many challenges living in rural areas. On many occasions, as I would drive into the village, I would notice a small group of young people congregating outside the local CO-OP. Read More

TrueStory 2

'Asian Girl's Dance Programme' - 'I was based in Luton for many years and was delivering multi-disciplinary arts programmes throughout Bedfordshire. I was asked to attend Denbigh High School for an ‘Enrichment Day’, offering dance classes throughout the day. All my classes throughout the day were going very well up until my last session of the afternoon.Read More

TrueStory 3

'Thinking out of the Box' - 'I was running a project in a school which had one autistic child. We started the next phase of the project, which was indian stamping with pattern repeats, when the teacher told me that ‘M’ will never use any colours but red and green. ‘Really’, I said, as I continued putting out trays of lots of bright colours on each table. Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission is To Help Others Progress (T-HOP): through global community development programmes, education, training and learning. Promoting health and wellness, to preserve culture and heritage, enhance community cohesion, offer capacity building opportunities, promote sustainability, and strengthen communities, globally, promoting the common good.

Project 1

GRT Opportunities - 'Build Me A Life'

A project to help young and vulnerable people to build and lead full and independant lives

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Project 2

i-LEARN with Funkie Munkie

Educational Technology Programmes Based in Guyana in partnership with HGPTV (Guyana) and Your Broadcast.

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Project 3

Funkie Munkie's Healthy H'Arts Club

Promoting healthy heart educational programmes for children and adults, nationally.

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